Successful collaboration: AGC banking training center in DRC supported by EIB

Within the framework of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Technical Assistance program for financial sector in West and Central Africa, the IPC/Horus consortium experts accompany financial institutions and training centers dedicated to the financial sector in West and Central Africa.

The EIB’s mission is to support motions to :

  • Ensure the provision of financial services in compliance with regulatory requirements, and
  • To help partner financial institutions continue to operate on a sound basis, proactively managing current and future challenges.

In 2020 and 2021, the EIB supported the AGC (German-Congolese Academy for Professional Development) in the DRC, in the development of training content and in the support of its pool of trainers.

AGC targets financial institutions in the DRC (banks, microfinance institutions, savings and credit cooperatives, insurance companies, etc.) wishing to develop the skills of their teams and improve their performance. It is aimed at their executives, middle managers and employees who wish to accelerate their career development.

The support has resulted in the provision of 3 international experts, for :

  • A training of trainers in the use of digital training facilitation tools, which brought together 26 trainers from the JMA pool in September 2020.
  • developing the content of credit portfolio management training in the face of the crisis;
  • Accompanying trainers in the development of credit analysis training content in the face of the crisis;
  • Supporting trainers in the development of balance sheet risk management training content.

This expertise allowed:

  • On the one hand, to support the pool of trainers in mastering the digital tools for deploying online training, in order to strengthen the interactive, practical and innovative AGC methodology;
  • On the other hand, to support these local trainers in the development of the content of the 3 training courses in the online format, mentioned above.

As a result, thanks to the support of the EIB and the technical assistance provided by the IPC consortium, AGC trainers were able to deploy their new online training modules. They were able to train employees from 15 financial institutions in several regions of the DRC (banks and MFIs). In total, more than 100 employees and middle managers from banks and financial institutions were trained. The topics covered were: Credit Portfolio Management in the face of the crisis, and Credit Analysis of MSMEs in the face of the crisis. A third training program on balance sheet risk management is currently being prepared.

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