Encourage the development of quality training within financial institutions

Staff training is an important issue for financial institutions if they want to achieve their objectives. Given the specific nature of their activities, these institutions frequently call on in-house trainers, who are generally business specialists but not professionals in the creation and organisation of training courses for adults. As part of its technical assistance programme for EIB financial operations in West and Central Africa, the European Investment Bank (EIB) wanted to build the capacity of its partner financial institutions in this area by organising an online training course on the theme: Designing and delivering engaging in-house trainings and webinars on 20 and 22 June 2023.  This event rounded off a series of three training courses held in 2022 and 2023.

During the two highly interactive sessions, participants acquired knowledge and techniques on how to prepare a training course, drawing in particular on the ADDIE model, the specificities of adult learning and how to engage them. Discussions were held on the different types of training support and their levels of interactivity with learners, as well as best practices for successful face-to-face and online training. Finally, participants learned how to use various tools that make webinars more attractive and the training experience better thanks to greater learner involvement, by putting them into practice during the training.

The in-house trainers present at these sessions are delighted with the additional skills they have acquired in andragogy, and in creating and delivering interactive and engaging training courses, whether in person or remotely. They have a toolbox that they can use to best effect depending on the objectives to be achieved during their next training sessions.