Capacity Building

For Financial Institutions

The EIB Capacity Building Programme to Financial Institutions aims to improve the quantity and quality of financial services offered to populations and businesses currently underserved by the traditional financial sector. In concrete terms, beyond EIB credit facilities, this involves strengthening the capacities of partner financial institutions via technical assistance delivered around three strategic components, namely

  • Capacity building of partner financial institutions organisation and risk management / lending operations
  • Upskilling financial institution middle managers through specific training programmes
  • Support local training institutions so that they can train financial institutions’ line staff throughout the region and in each country

These training and skills development programmes include the following themes, among others:

  • Crisis Management
  • Credit risk management in the context of crisis situations
  • Asset-Liability Management and Financing
  • Crisis recovery and re-mobilising Activities in the « New Normal »
  • Enhancing risk management frameworks and governance
  • Capacity building for middle management
  • Elaborating digital strategies
  • SME client segmentation and risk management
  • Whether you work for a financial institution or training institute, if you seek to improve your knowledge, get access to a sample of free resources in our online library

Capacity Building


The EIB Technical Assistance Programme leverages the actions targeting the EIB partner banks to also support project end beneficiaries, , i.e. MSMEs, through specific actions.
The Programme aims to raise awareness among MSMEs of the funds available for lending and promote financial education to facilitate their access to finance.

More specifically, the TA programme works with EIB partner banks and local BDS providers to work with MSMEs on the following topics:

Host Business club events to inform, explain, and guide them on the access to finance road map
Deliver access to finance training, including topics related to preparing coherent loan requests, managing credit terms and conditions in crisis times and upgrading financial reporting
Facilitate workshops gathering Financial Institutions and MSMEs
Organise business networking events

Whether you are a BDS provider or an MSME looking for tools to grow your business, get access to a sample of free resources in our online library