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About This Course

This course breaks down CMP into 2 key areas:
How to develop a Crisis Management Plan and Creating a result based culture for your business and team.

Why take this course?

Organisational impact

1.Through goal setting exercise, the organisation will build a result based culture

2.Your team will be able to better relate their functional work to the overall direction of the organization

3.There will be greater flexibility within the organization

4.Employees’ capability in analysing and building creative solutions will be enhanced

5.The organisation will build resilience and employees will have more confidence in setting and aiming for ambitious targets even in uncertain times

6. Employees will be better placed to cope with organizational and environmental change

7.Employees will think more rigorously about creating tomorrow’s organization out of today’s organization challenges

Personal impact

Participants will:

1.learn how to combine analytical and creative thinking

2.will learn how to make choices in making best use of limited time and resources

3.will develop improved preparedness to deal with contingencies

4.will learn how to set challenging, realistic and achievable targets

5.will have further developed their ability to react to uncertainty in the business environment

Objectives of this course

By the end of this course the participant should be able to:

1.adopt a focused approach during emergency situations.

2.elaborate the actions to be taken by the management as well as the employees to save organization’s reputation and standing in the industry

3.formulate crisis management plan to reduce the after effects of crisis at the workplace.

4.help the managers and superiors to take quick and relevant actions according to the situation.

5.help create a powerful plan with the aim of reducing instability and uncertainty amongst the employees and help them concentrate on their work.

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