Kafo Jiginew : Reinforcing capacities of financial institutions

The EIB’s technical assistance program for financial sector operations in West and Central Africa strengthens the institutional capacities of financial institutions and supports them in their development. It is in this perspective that the program intervened at Kafo Jiginew in Mali from July 2020 to May 2022.

Kafo Jiginew is the largest microfinance institution in the country with a 40% market share and a network of 19 cooperatives, grouped under an umbrella organization. The technical assistance focused on various projects including SME customer segmentation, digital strategy, risk management and asset-liability management.

This intervention gave the institution the opportunity to equip itself with tools to strengthen its risk management as a whole and in more specific areas, such as environmental and social risks, SME credit risk, liquidity and passive assets. The training provided in addition to the development of the tools enabled the Kafo Jiginew teams to appropriate and be able to use them effectively.