The Masterclass Series for Financial Institutions “Seizing Opportunities to Unlock the Value of Women Business Clients” is a 4-part webinar series that focuses on the business rationale and key components needed to successfully serve the women business market from a financing perspective.

The series looked at the business opportunity in serving women entrepreneurs, best practices to develop solutions tailored to their needs, and how to measure the performance of the segment within the portfolio. 

The masterclass series was offered in both English (June till September 2023) and French (September till November 2023) and featured key experts with practical experience in successfully targeting and serving women entrepreneurs across Africa.

This series targeted commercial banks and microfinance institutions that are interested in: 

  • Reaching out to attractive new client segments 
  • Learning about the strategic and commercial opportunity of women entrepreneurs as a growth segment of their lending portfolio 
  • Understanding the key components needed to create a successful value proposition to serve women entrepreneurs with financial and non-financial products and services. 

EIB AWRI Masterclass 1: Why focus on women in Business finance? What do the numbers say?

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EIB AWRI Masterclass 2a: Determining which segment of the women’s market to serve – and how – COMMERCIAL BANKS

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EIB AWRI Masterclass 2b: Determining which segment of the women’s market to serve – and how – FOR MFIs

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EIB AWRI Masterclass 3: Non-financial services (NFS), building skills for women entrepreneurs

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EIB AWRI Masterclass 4: Building internal capacity to track sex-disaggregated data

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