Building SME Client Loyalty through Effective Client Management

On 17 February and 2 March, the EIB’s Financial Operations Technical Assistance Programme in West and Central Africa organised the second e-training session for partner financial institutions.

The theme of the training was: Building SME Client Loyalty through Effective Client Management. Participants were able to measure the importance of good customer management throughout the 9 stages of the customer relationship life cycle, in order to maintain, develop and make it profitable, directly through cross-selling or indirectly through referrals by satisfied customers. The key factors to optimise the customer relationship, to be retained from this training, are the establishment of a customer-centric sales and service culture, the classification of customers according to their value and potential, the adjustment of the service model to the customer’s value, the permanent contact with customers before acquisition, during the relationship and after it has slowed down or ended.

Participants were provided with concrete examples of customer relationship management models, methods of retention, reactivation and tools for customer profiling and monitoring of customer management activities.

There is no doubt that they will be able to use them wisely to revise their practices and adjust their SME customer management methods in order to improve customer loyalty and reap the full benefits for the growth of their institutions.